Apple will update the iPhone 15 to prevent overheating

Shortly after the iPhone 15 came out, many users have reported that the phones suffer from considerable overheating, which can even be dangerous and damage the internal components. As if it weren't shortly after having to update the iPhone 12 because France saw that they collect a lot of radiation, now they have to update the newly launched one because it emits a lot of heat.

Apple has given an official response to the issue of the new iPhones overheating. They claim that the main culprit at the beginning is “the increase in background activity that occurs when users set up their new phones for the first time“. Although it would also be a bug specific to iOS 17.

An update is coming so that your iPhone does not overheat

The iOS 17 error that Apple qualifies as one of the causes of the iPhone 15 overheating would cause certain apps that are commonly installed such as Uber, Instagram and the game Asphalt 9: Legends they would be overloading the system and causing heating problems. Apple is already working with the developers of those applications.

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Apple defends its own A17 Pro chip and the phone's titanium frame. Some users would have hypothesized that one of those totally new elements, or even both; were responsible for the heat. But Apple believes it can fix the problems through software.

They claim that the corrections will not affect the performance of the A17 Pro. Knowing that Apple seeks to satisfy its users quickly to maintain its image, especially with the launch of new devices, the update should not take long to reach the affected terminals, and to be implemented as standard in future models that go into production.

Source: ArsTechnica

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