Meta denies that they are going to put advertising on WhatsApp

The head of WhatsApp denied a report from the Financial Times newspaper on Friday: It said the messaging platform, owned by Meta Platforms, was exploring the option of displaying advertising in its desire to increase revenue. It would not be a crazy measure, since we are talking about the most widespread messaging platform in the world, or one of the most widespread, with advertising revenues that can be considerable, and encourage users to pay for not displaying it.

The WhatsApp official claims that the Financial Times story is false. He has commented on it on Twitter, so that many people see a response intended to deny information.

No, there will be no advertising, at least for now

The report said that Meta teams were discussing whether to display ads in conversation lists with contacts on the WhatsApp chat screen, but no final decisions had been made, citing people familiar with the matter.

Financial Times added that Meta was also deliberating Whether to charge a subscription fee to use the app without ads. It would not be different from other services that charge users if they do not want to be inundated with ads.

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In a statement, WhatsApp told Financial Tiema that “We can't account for every conversation someone had in our company, but we're not testing this, working on it, and it's not our plan at all.“. To be clear, right now Meta has no intention of advertising on WhatsApp. Could it change in the future? It is not impossible, since the requests of shareholders and investors could force this inclusion. Although this decision could make many people take the step to alternatives such as Telegram.

Source: Gadgets 360

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