Samsung to start producing rollable smartphones in 2025

Samsung wants to earn the title of the company that most innovates in commercial mobiles. A few years ago they began to put foldable mobiles in the bags and pants of many, and now the rollable ones are expected to arrive in 2025 at the earliest. The Samsung Rollable Flex was presented in May.

A new leak would have detailed the production schedule of the phone, along with some key design and hardware specs the phone is likely to launch with. Samsung joined the rollable display conversation after Lenovo-owned Motorola showed off the Rizr Concept with a 6,5-inch rollable pOLED display at Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona. For its part, Oppo is also one of the major brands that have been rumored to be working on a roll-up display phone.

Roll-up mobiles would arrive in 2025

Leaker Revegnus suggested in a tweet that the Samsung Rollable Flex will enter mass production in 2025 and that it will have Under Panel Camera technology. The camera sensors will not be visible, perhaps due to the need to adapt to being rolled up. The phone is also said to have a bezel-less design.

During the first display presentation, it was claimed that the rollable smartphone quintupled its original size when opened. It went from 49 mm to 254,4 mm. According to Samsung, the screen can be rolled and unrolled on an O-shaped axis to overcome the limitations of current sliding and folding screens.

They have said that they are also working on a Flex In & Out display that can be folded in both directions at 360 degrees. This would make them more versatile, and somewhat foolproof, so you don't break the device by rolling it the wrong way. They are also developing a Flex Hybrid screen with folding and sliding technology. They will soon introduce a slide-out Flex Solo screen, which can go from a 13-inch tablet to a 17-inch screen. It should be said that Samsung will not be the only one seeking to offer rollable mobiles, as Oppo he would also be preparing his patent of roll-up mobiles.

Source: Gadgets 360

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