The Windows 10 update 'April 2019' causes the computer to freeze or not start due to incompatibility with Avast, Avira and Sophos antivirus

Windows 2019 update 'April 10' generates incompatibility with various antivirus and causes the operating system to freeze.

Having well updated new programs, our drivers and our operating system is very important. First, to avoid compatibility problems and second, security problems. The problem is that updates can contain traces of bugs and failures that cause things to go wrong. This has happened again in Windows 10, which in the update 'April 2019', released on April 9, presents problems of freezing or the operating system cannot be started. This problem is born with compatibility problems with various antivirus, and no, it is not a joke.

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Windows 10 'April 2019' Has Antivirus Compatibility Issues

The positive part, if there is one, is that the problem doesn't just affect Windows 10, it affects more operating systems. Microsoft highlights that the problem also appears in Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Server 2012 R2. This problem only appears on computers that have Avast, Avira, or Sophos installed on the computer.

The problem is easily corrected: uninstalling the latest Windows update. Sophos appears to have received a large number of tickets regarding this issue. The developers have said there is nothing they can do as the problem is not theirs, but Microsoft's. They can only advise uninstalling the latest operating system update to fix the problem.

Updates that contain the issue

Solution to the problem

  1. To correct the problem, we must first enter Windows in safe mode (press F8 while the computer boots).
  2. Once inside we deactivate or uninstall the antivirus. We restart and access Windows
  3. Update and we go where all the installed updates appear.
  4. In the upper area we must click on the uninstall button and select the problematic update.
  5. We also disable automatic updates, to prevent it from being reinstalled.
  6. We activate the antivirus

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