Best payroll software for SMB management

The great thing about the information and technology age is that time consuming and cumbersome processes have been greatly simplified. We can find tools to do just about anything, even simplify complex tasks like payroll. The software for creating and managing payroll it is an important element for any modern SME. Let's see a little about its main features and the most used tools.

What is payroll software?

It is a computer tool that has been developed specifically for the management of workers' payroll. These tools have solutions to create, modify or register nominees. In addition, they offer the calculation of all the sections of a payroll, which are: gross and net salary, deductions, withholdings, payment of IRP to Social Security and other taxes.

These tools have been developed to automate the calculation of payroll and salary for workers. They offer the breakdown of withholdings, taxes and others, simplifying the management of the employer.

In addition, the most advanced tools for payroll and social insurance management offer quotes, certifications, payment of salaries, contracts, etc. Of course, the highest quality tools are those that are paid, but some free tools can do the trick if we are starting.

On-premises or cloud tools?

More and more companies are betting on tools in the cloud due to the large number of advantages it offers. Local software requires a significant initial investment, while the cloud solution is simple.

Ventoy, the software to create USB Bootable by just dragging the ISO

Local software requires licenses, as well as a server system and backup systems. We are talking about crucial data that cannot be lost and that is why a robust backup system is required. Also, local systems have updates that freeze activity for a certain time. Typically for continued support or updates, you have to pay a fee.

This is why so many turn to cloud tools. These have a low initial outlay, receive constant updates, are simple, do not require maintenance, are multi-device, and copies are available in the cloud. The downside is that you have to pay a fee every month and the data is not stored on our own servers unless we make a copy.

The best payroll management software

Sage NominaPlus

Currently this tool is the most used and is managed by Sage, who has experience in this field. Sage is one of the leading companies in business management software. It is considered the most complete tool for payroll management and is compatible with the system [email protected]


It has a version that allows you to manage two companies and another that allows you to manage as many companies as you want. There is no limit number of workers in either version. It adapts to any Spanish labor regime and has support for [email protected] and RED.

Factorial Payroll

Automatic payroll manager that is completely free. Something very interesting about this tool is that it allows you to separate payroll from a single PDF. We can upload all the payrolls of the workers in a PDF and the tool will already separate them identifying the name and identity document of the worker.

Brave is the internet browser that offers the most privacy, while Edge and Yandex do not offer any

Easy payroll

It has a simple and even visually unattractive interface, but simple to use. It adapts perfectly to many labor regimes, especially the maritime and agricultural regimes. It also integrates with the system [email protected] or the RED Social Security system.

a3 Advisor

Wolters Kluwer software that in addition to managing payroll also allows the management of tax and accounting aspects. This tool is designed to be collaborative and allows integration with other parts of the business.


This tool is more focused on consultancies that develop payroll. It allows you to add data in a simple way, performs calculations in an automated way and even supports massive changes or variations.


Tool to make payroll online for free. This tool has been developed by Software DelSol and is almost as good as paid tools. It also allows you to manage contracts, settlements, maturities, and much more.

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