Trust launches GXT 391 Thian, its new wireless gaming headset

The headphones are the most essential accessories for a player. They help them immerse themselves in a complete and immersive gaming experience, communicate clearly with their teammates in a multiplayer game, and enjoy more multimedia content. One of the accessories that cannot be missing in a player's set up is headphones. For this reason, the Spanish brand Trust launches the new GXT 391 Thian, its new lightweight, wireless headphones. They are compatible with PC and all models of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

The Trust GXt 391 are proof that, whether playing solo, enjoying the soundtracks and sound effects, or playing with friends coordinating to overcome the rival team, a good headset and microphone have become essential for Players.

Light, wireless and with great sound quality

The new GXT 391 Thian from Trust They have been designed with comfort and convenience in mind. of the player. Their weight is no more than 197 grams, making them a lightweight accessory, but that doesn't mean they don't dispense with high-quality materials such as their comfortable leatherette pads lined with a mesh upper layer. They feature a flexible, swiveling microphone with a pop filter to ensure that players' instructions can be clearly heard by fellow players in online games. Volume can be easily adjusted from the Thian's own ear pads and even mute the microphone.

The GXT 391 Thian gives the user the opportunity to forget about cables in his setup. It connects via a fast 5,8 Ghz connection, giving the player greater mobility without compromising their gaming experience. Also They have a USB port and can be used with cable if the user so wishes. Its high compatibility with PCs, laptops and all models of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 make it an ideal option for users who have multiple gaming platforms and don't want to have to use dedicated devices.

Another aspect that makes the GXT 391 Thian stand out is that it is ready to be used in long gaming sessions. A built-in rechargeable battery offers around 13 hours of use. All this is achieved by having been made with recycled materials. For this reason they have the Trust Clevergreen label, with which they catalog those items manufactured under the premise that they are more sustainable. The GXT 391 Thian is now available for sale in stores Ranges and Amazon, with an RRP of €69,99.

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