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The best movies based on video games

Video games have received many adaptations to the big screen. What are the best movies based on video games? There has to be some good, and here we list a few.

With how strong video games have come, it is no wonder that the world of cinema has wanted to make films. So you have an already established franchise and the basis to get something more or less decent, making some changes. Although, because many end up being not very good, one tends to think that adapting a video game to a film is a damn task, that if there is no interaction, that if there are games that later in the movie are bad ...

We want to show that if you want you can, listing the ten films that we think have been able to take advantage of the jump to celluloid. In one of our usual Top 10. What will we value? There will be a lot of personal appreciation and we will also try to see the movies for what they were trying to do and who they wanted to please. So we will get a very strange and strange list but we hope you enjoy.

Assassin's Creed

Yes, Assassin's Creed. It's not a great movie but it's good enough to recommend it, even if it's only to a fan. At the bottom comes a movie that does the right thing and that's it.

And is that the Assassin's Creed movie is well done and is a compliment. For a long time it will feel boring even due to its slow pace. But it fulfills what one expects from movies based on video games with Dan Brown's own conspiracies. At least it is better than that of The Da Vinci Code and Assassin's Creed can boast of having a firm film from beginning to end that I fixed that the fans and some more are going to like it. And it is saying a lot that this movie can be seen.

Movies Video Games Assassin's Creed
Movies Video Games Assassin's Creed

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Another example of saying that “it is not bad“, is quite a compliment. Prince of Persia had been resurrected thanks to the 2003 installment of The Sands of Time, so the film's arrival some seven years later comes a little late. By then the trilogy that ended with The Two Crowns had already come out, and it had even undergone a reboot with Prince of Persia 2008 that people hated for the artistic style, mechanics...

Now, the movie ... It complies and it is entertaining, and if you are one of those who likes epic blockbusters, it delivers more than enough. At least it's not as boring as Assassin's Creed but it's not much better to climb this list. Of course, the fact that it comes from the creators of the Pirates of the Caribbean spelicles makes it feel like adapting one of the video games that combined platforms, adventures and a rich setting and story sounds like a wasted opportunity.

Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children

Starting in 2004, Square Enix put out numerous projects related to Final Fanatsy VII. First it was a mobile game in 2004 that has never left Japan, then came the CGI animated film Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus for the PlayStation 2 and Crisis Core for the PSP. At the head of all this is Tetsuya Nomura, who during the development of the PlayStation game was only character designer and visual director of battles. Indeed, the then new vision of Final Fantasy VII would be carried out by someone who was not at the top of the original team and to make everything fit he had remodeled the image and tone of the game to make it more in line with the "anime" style. sinister teenager” from Kingdom Hearts. But this retrospective move is ideal as it gave it a fresh take on what Final Fantasy VII fans believed was their childhood game adapted to their teenage years.

The Advent Children movie is divisive, and being that is much better than the previous ones that were almost boring and flat at best. Many can say that they have changed the characters and designs that are a caricature of the originals, or of the script failures ... But they are licenses that had to be taken by the new approach Final Fantasy VII was taking to return to being the chicken of the golden eggs.

In addition, the animation is really impressive, something that Square Enix always boasted of having, so much so that in their day they believed that by putting the CGI scene team and Hironobu Sakaguchi as a director they could make a good movie. In its place we have Final Fantasy: The Inner Force, and it says a lot about it that we preferred to put a movie that divides the community before that. It is what you have when you put someone who designed video games to make movies, that knowledge and expertise in one medium does not transfer to another.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

Pokémon: The Movie

We are already talking about video game movies that go beyond the acceptable range. In this case we are talking about the first Pokémon movie, the one that came out in theaters and at the time was a very important event for the millions of Pokémon fans out there. A fact that we do not believe that even taking a Fortnite movie could be repeated. We know that there are more than 20 Pokémon movies and choosing the first one is the easiest solution, but as the movies come out, they stop being special and become filler for Saturday nights in Boing. They could all be good, but taking them out annually makes us feel like routine instead of something special. And it says a lot that recently they have released films that reinvent the origins of Ash Ketchum or a remake of this same film but in CGI animation.

Much of what made Pokémon: The Movie special is that it came out at the right time: Pokemania had been in for a good year and by then fans already knew who Mewtwo, the movie's antagonist, was. It was given a much more ambitious personality, background, and motives than what they had to do to make a movie based on collectible monsters. And the story and the pacing, seen to this day, is still pretty solid, except for the scene where the tears of the Pokémon heal Ash Ketchum from a petrification caused by the lightning between Mew and Mewtwo. Despite this, this is the best Pokémon movie to date, without detracting from the rest. A good example of doing more than what is expected even though it has small flaws.

Pokémon video games movies
Pokémon video games movies

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

This is possibly the first movie based on a video game that proved that they can be good on their own. And the truth is, it is the perfect movie for an adventure video game. Some mythology, action and adventure go hand in hand in the perfect popcorn movie.

So good was it that it made Angelina Jolie famous, until then she had only acted in relatively small films. The Lara Croft movie Tomb Raider is the perfect example of how to make a movie based on a video game: see what works from the video game and what can be adapted to an interactive medium, and try not to bore the audience and have a good rhythm. If it came out today, it wouldn't be a movie that stands out as being outside the norm and would earn its good millions of dollars among those who go to the movies regularly to see something with friends.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Super Mario Bros.

We mean it very seriously. Much of the problem with the Super Mario Bros movie is that the source material at the time really offered very little to play with. By then at most Super Mario World had come out, and there wasn't a story or a world with which to fill a story like a Hollywood movie demands. Although perhaps now yes and for that reason a study as simple as Illumination is going to take charge of taking Super Mario Bros. to the movies again.

Going back to the 1993 movie, if we put ourselves in the shoes that it had to take to the cinema an unfit material, the idea of ​​turning the Mushroom Kingdom into a very cyberpunk dystopia inspired by Mad Max and Bade Runner, and in action films like Terminator… It's a really risky idea and at least it gives the movie some unique value and it becomes really entertaining because of its accidental humor. Could it be that a server has absorbed the energy of the Crappy Movie Monsters and Crappy Movie Monsters and can enjoy bad movies that are accidentally entertained.

Movies Video Games Super Mario bros
Movies Video Games Super Mario bros

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva

If we put this one, it is for a reason: it is the most accessible of all the anime movies based on video games that we have seen listed when choosing. And we warn you, there are many films, especially based on fighting video games that serve as an accompaniment to give background to the characters. And there is no value in watching so many animated movies that possibly look a lot like each other.

Aside from being accessible, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva is truly a film that captures the essence of the original series while not asking you to have played all, or almost any games. But at the same time it is entertaining and even good, with a fairly careful animation. It does not become Ghibli nor does it need to.

Professor Layton and Eternal Life
Professor Layton and Eternal Life

Street Fighter: The Movie

Can a bad movie wanting to improve over the years like good wine? Yes, and it's called Street Fighter: The Movie. No, we are not talking about any of the anime films that are faithful to video games, no, we are talking about live action with Jean Claude Van Damme and Raul Julia. At the time it got a lot of criticism for not being faithful to the original game, Street Fighter II. But like the Super Mario Bros movie, it had few characters with which to draw material and the information was quite concise, reserved for game guides and a few lines of text.

Guile was an American soldier, M. Bison was a dictator, Chun Li was an interpol agent… What else could they do? The answer is the action fight movie that encapsulates Van Damme and all of his filmography. And seeing how it does not use the original material, the script is comical because of how topical it is, and the performances of Van Damme and Julia, there is nothing left but to stand up and clap.

Street Fighter Movies Video Games

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Now yes, we move on to movies based on video games that are really good on their own merits. There are many Japanese live action adaptations, even Chinese, and we know that there are many films made by fans… But we chose the one by Phoenix Wright, apart from because it is accessible in Spanish; because it is an adaptation that really strives to be faithful and at the same time have its own style that no one else could imitate.

The three-case adaptation of the first game under the scrutiny of director Takashi Miike was a mix that no one knew they wanted, and you can't imagine a sequel being made by another director. Miike's style can be defined between a mix between melodramatic, colorful and humorous in the script and the visual, and it is these factors that made Ace Attorney a relatively well-known niche series among the most "geek" circles, in the absence of a better word. And all of that has been used and taken to the extreme with Miike's stamp to capture this apparently human but crazy world of lawyers and assassins.

Knowing how to take the film without expecting everything to be serious or realistic, we see that it is really funny and has intense moments and knows how to justify the mechanics of judgments and the deductive process within the universe. It's a shame that more Ace Attorney films will most likely not be released because we are left without seeing Franziska von Karma and Godot to create a trilogy with a great closure. Those movies that are not for everyone but is the ideal way to set aside one of the most peculiar video games that have achieved a certain fame.

Phoenix Wright Movies Video Games
Phoenix Wright Movies Video Games

Detective Pikachu

It is quite possibly because it is the most recent video game-based film of all, the one with the most coverage and because it appeals. But Detective Pikachu is really good in many ways: she manages to create a really credible world of Pokémon and not made for the convenience of games, she knows how to make an investigation and adventure movie for all audiences, and you can tell that she has put a lot of effort into it. in making it a movie that everyone can enjoy.

Why is it good that you have chosen this game that almost no one has played is the right decision to make a movie? Well, few people could complain about a possible maladaptation and having an extensive but underdeveloped world allowed it to be expanded and adapted without creating conflicts of lore. After this movie we imagine a cinematic world of Pokémon, but more based on the stories of spin-offs such as Pokémon Snap or Pokémon Ranger.

Detective Pikachu Movies Video Games
Detective Pikachu Movies Video Games

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