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The youth cultural voucher that Pedro Sánchez has announced can be used to buy video games

Today, the President of the Government of Spain Pedro Sánchez, has announced the creation of a cultural voucher for young people registered in Spain who turn 18 in 2022. The cultural voucher is valued at 400 euros. The intention of the Youth Cultural Bonus is to bring culture closer to young people and in the portfolio of activities that are included in the bonus, there are video games.

The aid comes after a year of pandemic in which all cultural and artistic activities have been suspended for years and even today many operate with limited capacity. But returning to the topic of this news: the 400 euro youth cultural voucher that Pedro Sánchez has announced can be used to buy video games. It is possible because videogames are considered culture in Spain as has been confirmed to The Ser.

The fact that videogames are culture in Spain

For many players, wanting games to be considered culture is a more abstract than practical desire, and they think that they are considered part of the works that define a society. But in this case, video games are culture for practical purposes for the Ministry of Culture and Sports, with all that this implies.

As video games are considered culture in Spain, it opens doors for them to receive aid and subsidies from the Ministry of Culture and Sports, which can have their space in public spaces dedicated to culture such as an art exhibition on video games, or even request a reduced VAT on video game events. In this case, video games are included in the activities in which the youth cultural voucher announced by Pedro Sánchez can be used. The youth cultural voucher allows you to spend part of those 400 euros on video games, as well as books and cultural activities such as dance, cinema, concerts and theater.

France has already experimented with a € 300 youth voucher via an app, and most purchases were for Japanese comics. No The entire voucher can be allocated to a single activity, and it is not clear if they also include the purchase of a new console. But it remains a fact that if the youth cultural bonus of 400 euros is approved when the next General State Budgets are approved, young people will have almost 400 euros to buy video games if they combine it with going to the movies, concerts, dance shows or books .

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