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The closure of Stadia was done without notifying developers

Yesterday's news was without a doubt, that Google was going to shut down the Stadia service. They plan to return all the money they received from hardware purchases and game access, not subscriptions.

Although it was expected, seeing the history that Google has because it has high expectations of its projects, it was still going to receive support from some developers. Of which, none were notified of the closure of the service and internal developers, they knew less than an hour before the official announcement of the closure, and some developers discovered that they were not going to publish their game on Google Stadia due to yesterday's announcement.

Some game or DLC will not be able to launch on Stadia despite having it prepared

For a really bad luck story, Tom Vian of SFB Games was going to release the game Tangle Tower on September 1st, and now he won't be able to do it, since Google has started the process of closing. That implies that it will not accept games and Google will not accept payments for the closure of the service. Undoubtedly bad luck, and he found out that he was not going to be able to do it thanks to the Google nuncio, so they did not receive any previous communication. But he's not too upset about it, because the game is on all the most common platforms, but having one more could have given it more audience.

cyberpunk 2077 It will have a paid expansion, with a confirmed version of Google Stadia, and now we know that it will not arrive. An example of an advantage that Stadia offered to developers was that Bungie used its technology to test changes to Destiny 2 internally in an easy way, since cloud play only required updating one system, which is then used by dozens. from others by streaming. Ñes was really helpful during the pandemic, and now they don't have that help anymore.

With all this, it is seen that Google decided to close Stadia unexpectedly, or at least if it had been planned, it was not communicated in advance or to its internal developers. One factor that made users and developers distrust is what was said above that Google makes decisions very unilaterally and without prior notice, and here it has been repeated. Although it does not eliminate the idea of ​​​​playing in the cloud, since PlayStation, Xbox and even NVIDIA have their own services to offer games in the cloud to their users.

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