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Stadia controllers will become paperweights and electronic garbage if Google doesn't update them

With the closure of the Stadia service, Google ends this journey in the world of cloud video games. The idea stuck in essence, because Microsoft's XCloud and PlayStation Now along with NVIDIA's GeForce Now exist, but Google's service is the one that will close because it is the one that has least interested users.

Google is going to return the money to those who at some point paid for software or hardware purchases related to Stadia. But that won't solve the problem that Stadia's controls are going to remain as paperweights, totally useless as soon as Styadia shuts down permanently.

Google is going to leave behind a lot of garbage with its controls when it closes Stadia

The controls to play Stadia were custom made to connect directly to the internet and reduce lag and enables instant firmware updates and connections to smart TVs. There is a Bluetooth connector inside the Stadia Controller, but it's only used when you're setting up Stadia, whether it's with a TV, a computer running Chrome Browser, or a Chromecast Ultra.

The Google Store page for the Stadia Controller says in a footnote: “Product contains Bluetooth Classic radio. Bluetooth Classic functionality is not enabled at this time. Bluetooth Classic may be implemented at a later date“. The Google Stadia controller has endeared itself to those who tried it, and they regret it. Many cite the feel of the controller and say that it is their favorite. They would like Google to unlock Bluetooth to turn your favorite into more than just a USB-only controller and thus avoid a lot of electronic garbage.


Many have asked Google that, if it is not going to push a firmware update to unlock functionality, open access to devices so the community can do it for them. But it is possible that not Google itself knows how to do it, but the subcontracted company, and they do not have much reason to ask them to do it. It is believed that Full refunds give Google more leeway to ignore the limited function of its devices after the closure of Stadia.

You can still connect the Stadia Controller to the USB port of your Smart TV, computer, or game console and use it as a controller through a standard HID connection. It works on PC and Android devices, but not on Xbox or Playstation consoles.

Source: ArsTechnica

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