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Games with lootboxes in Spain will have to ask the user for the DNI

The Government of Spain has spent several months trying to create a regulation that controls games that have elements of chance in obtaining game elements. These are the so-called lootboxes, or any game that has an option to get random objects by paying a virtual currency that can be obtained with real money, which will have a regulation in Spain. The quick summary of a draft of the bill that has been presented is that you will have to ask for an identity document to verify that you are of legal age, since the regulation hopes to prevent minors from falling into gambling.

There will be fines for non-compliance, since the inclusion of the confirmation of legal age will be mandatory along with ways to limit spending on lootboxes and random items. The inclusion of biometric recognition options will also be supported.

Minors will not be able to access lootboxes or gacha rolls due to regulation in Spain

The first case of prohibition of Article 6 of the draft presented to regulate lootboxes in Spain, totally prohibits the access of minors to random mechanisms. This is that minors will not be able to buy lootboxes or do the “gacha pull" or "gacha roll” from games like Genshin impact. In-game advertising may not encourage the use of these mechanics or suggest that the more you play, the better items you will get, and should ask that you play responsibly.

These games may only be advertised in magazines, websites and video game channels, and if they are advertised on television, they may not be advertised except from one to five in the morning. The possibilities of obtaining certain objects must be reported, a measure that dozens of games are having to implement to adapt to the different laws of various countries, so that users know what they can win and what chance they have.

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There should be self-exclusion mechanisms from the use of chance mechanisms, which must have periods of self-exclusion ranging from three months to five years, without being able to modify the term. A voluntary setting for the user of the spending limit will also be mandatory, which cannot be modified until at least three months have passed. Fines for violations may range from 25.000 to 100.000 euros.

With all this, Spain plans to regulate games with random mechanisms to obtain objects such as blue machines or casinos. If you are of legal age, you will only have to identify yourself, and you can set voluntary limits. If you are a minor, you will have the mechanics of lootboxes practically prohibited until you come of age.

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