1 December, 2022

    Acer Aspire Vero AV14-51 – Review

    Acer recently announced a new line of eco-designed products called Vero, featuring…
    1 December, 2022

    ACER Chromebook 314 – Review

    Reviewing a Chromebook like the ACER Chromebook 314 is complicated, because Chromebooks by their nature, are…
    October 17, 2022

    Audio monitors PIONEER DM-50D-BT-W – Review

    When it comes to sound, technology plays an important role. We already know that when it comes to passing information,…
    October 6, 2022

    Mars Gaming MNBC6 Laptop Cooling Base – Review

    Native laptop cooling has improved a lot since its inception, with better cooling systems and more…
    October 4, 2022

    Chuwi CoreBox i5 MiniPC – Review

    The world of mini-PCs, among which is the Chuwi Corebox i5, is offered as the best option...
    September 7, 2022

    Ubisoft is developing five Assassin's Creed titles

    In recent years, Ubisoft has been very restrained with the Assasin's Creed titles that it has been putting out…
    Augusts 3, 2022

    Siren GD240E ARGB Liquid Cooling – Review

    The Siren GD240E ARGB Liquid Cooler is a strong example of how liquid cooling has evolved, which is now…
    28 July 2022

    QNAP TS-233 NAS – Review

    Here at Hardwaresfera we are strong advocates that every home that is minimally computerized should have a NAS.…

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      How to keep your personal data safe during the holidays?

      The holidays that are approaching on these dates are long-awaited moments that allow us to rest from daily worries. However, when we travel and do not keep our personal data safe, our vacations can be ruined by this unforeseen event. Remember that personal data in the wrong hands can put…

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      Difference between Proof of Work and Proof of Stake mining cryptocurrencies

      Cryptocurrency mining is not done by just telling teams to start mining and that's it. Given the importance that a decentralized blockchain works controlled by the nodes that compose it and are all aligned, it is imperative to have a mining procedure algorithm to maintain…

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      What is the active PFC of a power supply

      For a computer to work, it needs to be connected to the electrical current, and a transformer, which we know as the power supply, processes the electricity from the electrical network and adapts it so that the motherboard circuits are not damaged. , the graphics card, the…

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      How to change the CPU of your PC

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      This is the performance of Voltistar batteries for HP laptops

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      What is the motherboard of a computer? All you need to know

      Of the several key components of a computer, the motherboard is easily the one that receives the least attention. There is a lot of desire to improve the RAM, to have a better graphics card or a completely new CPU. But the base plate is an element that is just as or more important for mounting the…

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    • Bonded warehouseSSD-M2-NFOTEC-ALCYON-SATA

      Nfortec Alcyon M.2 SSD SATA III 256GB - Review

      Gaming systems have moved to solid state storage drives due to good performance. Within this segment we can find different types of connection formats and interfaces. Nfortec has recently presented its SSD drives which arrive in various formats and interfaces. In this case we go ...

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      T-Force Vulcan 500GB - Review

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      ECS Liva Z3E Plus - Review

      Currently in the market we can find different solutions according to the needs of each one. We can find from large gaming systems to small systems for the professional sector. ECS has seen fit to send us the Liva Z3E Plus, a compact computer based on a 10th Generation Intel processor.…

    • Bonded warehouseNfortec Alcyon M.2 SSD NVMe 256gb capacity controller

      Nfortec Alcyon M.2 SSD NVMe 256GB - Review

      One of the main bottlenecks in a system has been the storage unit. With the arrival of SSD units this has been corrected and in a very notable way with the arrival of M.2 NVMe. Nfortec has fully entered the market for ...

    • Bonded warehousessd nvme m2 T-Force CARDEA Liquid M.2 512GB liquid cooling design

      T-Force CARDEA Liquid M.2 512GB - Review

      M.2 NVMe storage drives are rising in the limelight thanks to the great performance they offer. These types of storage units offer read and write speeds much higher than SATA SSDs. TeamGroup under its gaming range T-Force has developed the CARDEA Liquida M.2 512GB drive. This unit is ...

    • Bonded warehouseSSD M.2 NVME Silicon Power SP PCIe 1TB motherboard

      Silicon Power P34A60 1TB - Review

      Solid state storage drives have led to solve some of the performance problems of computers. These drives are evolving towards M.2 NVMe drives, much faster than SATA drives. Silicon Power is a manufacturer of M.2 NVMe memories and has sent us ...

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      Trust GXT 970 Morfix - Review

      Gone are the mythical ball mice with which it was a real torture to play. This peripheral has evolved a lot, there are even solutions adapted to different genres of games. Trust has released the GXT 970 Morfix mouse, which is intended for all types of users. The interesting thing about ...

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      ORICO Storage Backuper - Review

      Currently we all have a smartphone and other devices with data that we would like to save. This is why it is important to have a backup of this important data. ORICO knows this and that is why they developed the Storage Backuper outer shell. The interesting thing about this case of ...

    • PeripheralsNZXT-Kraken-X53-infinity-effect

      NZXT Kraken X53 240mm - Review

      Users are becoming more and more aware of the importance of properly cooling the CPU. For these users looking for advanced solutions, we have the all-in-one liquid cooling systems. NZXT features the Kraken X53 dual fan system. This liquid cooling is characterized by having a ...

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