12 April 2023

    Huion Inspiroy 2L Pen Tablet – Review

    Digitizing tablets are becoming a crucial material for creative professionals such as cartoonists and animators, through…
    2 March, 2023

    Huion Inspiroy Dial 2 Pen Tablet – Review

    Pen tablets are a complement to PCs that are aimed at a niche, and therefore it seems that only…
    13 February, 2023

    Genesis Xenon 800 Mouse – Review

    Gaming mice are currently among several trends for the consumer public. Generally, to be the lightest...
    7 February, 2023

    Maonocaster E2 – Review

    The Maonocaster E2 is presented to us as an accessible solution to edit live sound in the style of…
    18 January 2023

    Creative Pebble Pro Speakers – Review

    Creative has been in the world of sound for decades, with numerous products designed to get good sound quality. Even though…
    2 January 2023

    Trust Trezo Keyboard and Mouse – Review

    The Trust brand has a wide variety in its product catalogue, including a series of…
    28 December, 2022

    Mars Gaming MKCloud Keyboard – Review

    The breadth of the Mars Gaming catalog of specialized peripherals for gamers is vast, and it is getting bigger and bigger…
    21 December, 2022

    QNAP HS-264 NAS – Review

    Here we have talked a lot about NAS, a tool that we believe is essential today. But many…

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    • Eventstelevision 65UXKQ hisense

      Hisense shows its future in the television sector for 2023, presided over by the Mini LED

      In a private event in the showroom, the Hisense brand showed the immediate future they have with their current range of televisions, which they began showing this year at the CES in Las Vegas and at the IFA fair in Berlin. This new Hisense line for 2023 has models…

    • GamingNintendo-switch-direct-coronavirus-metroid-prime-4-bayonetta-3

      Nintendo Direct Recap for September 14, 2023

      On September 14, Nintendo issued a new Nintendo Direct, in which for 40 minutes, they showed new features that are coming to Nintendo Switch for the end of this year. It coincides with the Christmas campaign, which is why they give a focus to the games that come out...

    • Events

      September 12 Apple Event Wonderlust Recap

      Today, September 12, 2023, new features will be presented at the Apple Event Wonderlust event. From this event, the iPhone 15 is especially expected, with important new features. Many new features are expected, such as the fact that it will have a USB-C port for the first time and the proprietary Lightning connector will be abandoned, for...

    • Connectivity

      The importance of cheap cell phones in our daily lives

      Nowadays, mobile phones have become an essential tool in our daily lives. They keep us connected to the world and allow us to perform a variety of tasks anytime, anywhere. However, acquiring a cutting-edge device can be expensive and not...

    • Gaming

      Governments want to change the rules of the game

      Have you ever bought a reward box? If your answer is "yes", you may not be able to repeat it again. Several governments intend to prohibit or strongly restrict the reward boxes as a result of pressure from safe gaming experts, who have come to baptize these contents...

    • Gaming

      Horse Racing Games For PS5

      One of the best ways to experience what it is like to become a champion equestrian is through video games. Unfortunately, game developers don't invest a lot of money in this genre, at least not compared to other Triple A games. However, we can see some consistency…

    Product reviews

    • Laptops and PCs

      ACER Chromebook 314 – Review

      Reviewing a Chromebook like the ACER Chromebook 314 is tricky, because Chromebooks by their nature rely on Google's extensive catalog of apps and Chromium-based apps to work. They are ideal laptops to be the second laptop, the one you use outside yours...

    • Speakers

      Audio monitors PIONEER DM-50D-BT-W – Review

      When it comes to sound, technology plays an important role. We already know that when it comes to passing information, the quality of the DACs, or digital-to-audio converters, is paramount. The quality of digital audio to analog audio converters, especially when digitizing…

    • Peripherals

      Mars Gaming MNBC6 Laptop Cooling Base – Review

      The native cooling of laptops has improved a lot since its inception, with better cooling systems and more resistance to adverse elements such as dust, lint or breadcrumbs. But we cannot ignore that the systems can deteriorate with use, or...

    • Laptops and PCs

      Chuwi CoreBox i5 MiniPC – Review

      The world of mini-PCs, among which is the Chuwi Corebox i5, is offered as the best option for the price-sensitive market segment that does not care about the range, because what they want is a PC for office work. office and classroom...

    • RefrigerationRL T-FORCE SIREN GD240E ARGB liquid cooling

      Siren GD240E ARGB Liquid Cooling – Review

      The Siren GD240E ARGB Liquid Cooler is a strong example of how liquid coolers have evolved, which are now easier and more functional, and are also a decorative element for gaming setups without reaching the enthusiast range. On the one hand, they are settling down a lot…

    • Bonded warehouse

      QNAP TS-233 NAS – Review

      Here at Hardwaresfera we are strong advocates that every home that is minimally computerized should have a NAS. If you live alone in a small apartment, it may not be much that you are going to gain, but having your own mass storage that you can access anywhere and…

    • Peripherals

      Trust GXT 391 Thian Wireless Headphones – Review

      Years ago, a good computer had very clear headphones as a sound system so that the music and the game could be heard well. But PCs are no longer totally relegated to the living room of the house as they are a computer for common use. Now, each room has…

    • Speakers

      Energy Sistem HomeSpeaker 8 Lounge speaker – review

      Today we are presented with the Energy Sistem HomeSpeaker 8 Lounge Speaker, which is presented as a high-quality sound system at an affordable price. A quality sound system today can serve us for two things in the domestic sphere. The first one is the…

    • Speakers

      Mifa Wildbox – Review

      The holidays approach. A very common plan is to go to a rural house with friends and spend the night with a barbecue or campfire while listening to very calm music to liven up the atmosphere. Or go to the pool and make the whole world listen to your…

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