About us

Marco Antonio Ramirez 

This Catalan comes from the well-known town of Santa Maria de Palautordera. At the age of 3 he was already tinkering with the Spectrum of the house and at 10 with an 8086. Graduated in Higher Systems Engineering and with more than 6 years of experience in Data Centers, Marco is responsible for creating the videos for our YouTube channel. 

When we asked him what his role was in HardwareSfera he said:

Already. We also stay the same.

Marco has two daughters, two cars and a staunch hatred of tuna. 

In his spare time, he likes to go hiking, play games on his PC, and spend time with his family.

Follow Marco on Twitter, the only social network that claims to know how to use.

Roberto Sole Azuaga

Born in Catalonia and a Castellón resident, Roberto is our Hardware, Software and Cryptocurrency editor. He is our most versatile author. 

Roberto wrote in ZonaJugones, from where he went to BenchmarkHardware, and from there to HardwareSfera. Roberto plays CS: GO and says he is very very good (we don't believe it). He likes to go out with his colleagues to have beers and listen to heavy metal and rock from the 80-90s in Spanish. When he does none of the above, he likes to go out into the country to get lost.

You can follow Roberto on Instagram, Twitter y LinkedIn

Benjamin Rosa Fernandez

Benjamin or Benja, as he likes to be called, is the main editor of GameSfera, HardwareSfera's sister page, dedicated to video games. 

This Madrilenian, whose publishing career began in 2009, has written in various publications. He loves to research curiosities that he later brings to our readers in his articles. He studied photography, a skill that he uses to create humorous photomontages.

In his spare time, he also likes video games, wrestling shows, watching anime, reading comics ... But he is not one of those who forgets to shower. Our Benja takes a shower.

Jose Antonio Hernandez

This Venezuelan keeps us up to date on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Engineer, writer, actor, instructor, and athlete… There is nothing this tireless character does not do.

In his spare time Jose plays Ultimate Frisbee or rehearses messing up his Hardware.

You can find Jose in Twitter and Instagram

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