La AMD Vega Frontier Edition en su versión por aire y por refrigeración liquida ya se pueden comprar

La tarjeta gráfica AMD Vega Frontier Edition se deja ver tanto en su versión por aire como en su versión con refrigeración liquida en dos tiendas diferentes y también se revelan todas sus especificaciones.

Han aparecido dos tarjetas gráficas nuevas listadas en las tiendas Scan UK y Sabre PC, ambas basadas en la GPU Vega que ya ha llegado al sector profesional. Concretamos llegan las versiones refrigeradas por aire y por un sistema de refrigeración liquida para la Frontier Edition. Se han publicado también las especificaciones de estas tarjetas gráficas, siendo la potencia de la Frontier Edition basada en Vega de 13.1TFLOPS FP32 y la frecuencia de trabajo de esta tarjeta gráfica máxima será de 1600MHz.

Esta tarjeta gráfica dispone de nada menos que 16GB HBM2 en el mismo DIE donde tenemos la GPU Vega y que cuenta con nada menos que 4096 Stream Processors. Esta tarjeta gráfica cuenta con tres salidas de video DisplayPort y un HDMI. La Frontier Liquid tiene un precio de 1656£, que para Europa esta tendrá un precio de 1799€, mientras que la Frontier refrigerada por aire tiene un precio de 1140£, que en Europa será un precio de 1199€. Os dejaremos también todas las especificaciones de esta tarjeta gráfica, en inglés, para que las tengáis disponibles y podáis ver lo que nos ofrecen estas tarjetas gráficas de corte profesional.

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Radeon™ Vega Frontier Edition: Be First. Be The Pioneer

Built for the Pioneers of the World
Who are the pioneers? They are the ones who have cured diseases and strengthened our bodies. They work to heal our planet and explore new ones. They work to undo mankind’s mistakes and protect the next generation from making them again. Harnessing science to fuel creativity, and employing creativity to drive science. They pursue an unerring, unwavering path towards their goals. There are no barriers, no compromises. They are people who see boundaries as starting lines, and who risk everything in pursuit of innovation. They are the early adopters, the people whose passion is to pursue what is new and different. Their achievements won’t be measured in days, weeks or even years. They’ll be measured in centuries.

The Radeon™ Vega Frontier Edition
Empowering a new generation of pioneers to analyse, understand and re-shape our lives, now and forever.

• Powered by the Vega architecture
• ~25 TFLOPS Peak FP16 Compute Performance.
• ~13 TFLOPS Peak FP32 Compute Performance.
• 16GB High Bandwidth Cache.
• 64 Next-Gen Compute Units.
• 4096 Stream Processors.

Empower Scientists to Explore New Frontiers
Training techniques used today on neural networks in machine intelligence and deep learning applications have become very complex and require the handling of massive amounts of data when training those networks to recognize patterns within that data. This requires lots of floating point computation spread across many cores, and traditional CPUs can’t handle this type of computation as efficiently as GPUs handle it. The Radeon™ Vega Frontier Edition, combined with our ROCm open software platform, paves the way for pioneers to continue pushing boundaries in fields like AI. Developers can now leverage the power of “Vega” architecture to do machine learning algorithm development on the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition graphics card before deploying it out to massive servers equipped with Radeon Instinct accelerators.

Harness Vega to Fuel Creativity
Design visualization is playing an increasingly important role in helping manufacturers streamline design to manufacture workflows. Advanced technologies, including real-time visualization, physically-based rendering and virtual reality (VR), give design and manufacturing firms a powerful arsenal of visualization tools that can be used at all stages of product development. The Radeon Vega Frontier Edition graphics card provides the necessary performance required to drive these increasingly large and complex models through the design phase as well as rendering phase of product development. In the media and entertainment market, tasks like video editing, animation, post-production, and virtual reality (VR), require high-end graphics to support these workloads. They depend on compute speed and driver reliability more than ever for shorter load and rendering times. Closer partnerships with top software makers helps pair reliability with the raw power offered by our new Vega GPU architecture.

No Barriers. No Compromises.
Game development is a creatively demanding, time-intensive process and any solution that can streamline game design workflows is an extremely valuable benefit for developers. The Radeon Vega Frontier Edition graphics card will simplify and accelerate game creation by providing a single GPU that is optimized for every stage of their workflow, from asset production, to playtesting, to performance optimization. With AMD graphics technology found in many of today’s game consoles and PCs, developers can build and optimize next generation games for a large install base on the latest graphics technologies from AMD.

Radeon™ Vega Frontier Edition Features:

Next-Gen Compute Units
The Next-Gen Compute Units (nCUs) provide super-charged pathways for double the processing throughput when using 16-bit data types. This is ideal for image/video processing, ray tracing and artificial intelligence.

Enhanced Pixel Engine
Updated rasterizer technology to improve cache locality and overdraw, enhancing rendering efficiency and leaving more headroom to crank up quality settings while maintaining smooth 3D rendering.

Revolutionary Memory Engine
The state of the art memory system on Radeon Vega Frontier Edition removes the capacity limitations of traditional GPU memory. Thanks to automatic, fine-grained memory movement controlled by the high bandwidth cache controller, Vega enables creators and designers to work with much larger, more detailed models and assets in real time.

Efficient Geometry Engine
The new geometry pipe in the Vega GPU architecture processes millions of polygons due to its efficient load balancing. The Radeon Vega Frontier Edition offers 2x peak geometry throughput per clock1 to significantly speed up modelling and design workflows in various rendering engines. Modelling applications will be able to render in real-time heavy 3D models and large scenes.Features• “Vega” GPU Architecture.
• 64 Next-Gen Compute Units (nCUs) (4096 Stream Processors)
• 16GB High Bandwidth Cache (HBC) Memory.
• 483 GB/s Memory Bandwidth.
• 90 Gpixels/s Fillrate
• 13.1 TFLOPS Peak FP32 Compute Performance
• 26.2 TFLOPS Peak FP16 Compute Performance
• 3x DisplayPort™ 1.4 HBR3/HDR Ready, & 1x HDMI™ 4K60 Display Outputs
• DirectX® 12.1, OpenGL® 4.5, OpenCL™ 2.0, & Vulkan® 1.0 API Support
• Dual-slot, full length (10.5”) Form Factor.
• Air Cooling Solution. Liquid-cooled versions also available.


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  1. Esta tarjeta competirá con con la nueva grafica volta que mostro nvidia? me gustaria ver las especificaciones de la volta que mostraron ya que habra que esperar bastante hasta que envidia saque al mercado la nueva gama de tarjetas para el sector emprearial, si no me equivoco sera para para finales de este año entre agosto a diciembre… tambien se nota que esta grafica de amd por fin supera a la titan xp pero la xp es para el sector gaming y la de amd para el sector profesional o tambien podria usarse para el gaming? porque hasta donde tengo entendido no rinden igual porque son diseñadas para mercados totalmente diferentes.

    1. Comprarse una tarjeta profesional para jugar es una tontería, porque el desarrollo interno esta pensado para otras tareas, no para mover juegos. Los mueve, si, pero vamos, no están diseñadas para ello.

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